Automating LVM partition using Python Script

Sriramadasu Prasanth Kumar
2 min readMar 23, 2021


Hello guys, I am back with more article on “Automating LVM using Python Script”.

What is LVM?

LVM means Logical Volume Management. LVM is a tool for logical volume management which includes allocating disks, striping, mirroring and resizing logical volumes.

If you want to learn more about how to create LVM you can refer this article

Why to automate LVM with python?

In the production world we need to create the pods(typically OS) that runs in case if the pod goes down we need to restart again. So, in this situation it is not possible every time we need to create pod and integrate the LVM with it.

So, we need an automation code that can integrate the LVM with OS.

Just by 1 click we can integrate so it makes our work easily .

Prerequisites :

  • We need a Linux OS. It only runs on Linux
  • Need an idea on python.

Here , we have created a python script for integrating the LVM with linux.

That’s it we have created the code. We just need to run the code. Every thing will be automated.

Thank you guys, for reading my article.

I hope it will helps you.



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